The Professional Bartender

As a mixologist we should always be observant of how we can improve on our craft. We know that there is a direct link to great service and a good tip but exceptional service may also lead to better opportunities. I am of the mindset that no matter if you are at the bar section of an upscale restaurant in Rittenhouse or at a dive bar off North Broad Street, the service should be at the very least “Professional.” We may not be aware of the different forms of unprofessional behavior because it has no true definition. Some examples are a long wait to receive or even be acknowledged by bartender, having a bad attitude towards guess, making subtle remarks towards guess including sexual advances all are unprofessional and may have “the bartender” receiving little to no tip. I have composed some quick tips to help your patrons enjoy the “StarTender” experience better and as a result you should see an increase in your pocket book as a result.

There should never be an excuse for not paying attention to what’s going on at your establishment. In the early 2000’s when all eyes were on Philadelphia Basketball greatest American hero, a pass may have been given at a certain establishment off city avenue. However on a normal mid-march Monday evening in 2018 post happy hour there should be no excuse for a patron waiting up to 12 minutes at the bar before even being acknowledged by a single bartender. It is important as a bartender to pay attention to your section and recognize a new face. Attentiveness can make a huge financial difference at the end of the night. Many times at this establishment people have skipped out on their tab for what I believe is no other reason than the waitress or bartender was not being attentive to the customer. This allows for the customer to skedaddle on the check. For not paying attention you are left losing more than just your tip money.

Another professional suggestion that helps to secure the bag is a simple one and that’s coming in to work with a positive attitude. A great attitude helps to be more productive and it is contagious, attracting others to your aura equates into more people which means more tips from patrons. A positive attitude also helps us to stay focused on the goal and objective which is to provide good service to our customers. One way to assure this is to stay focus and make sure we do not bring our issues from home into our work place. When we walk through those doors of our business we automatically transform into StarTenders. Protect your positive energy and attitude by transforming into your professional self. This means operating in a quick and efficient matter when making drinks and even helping your fellow StarTenders, if bar backs aren’t available for whatever reason. To be top at your game you have to lead by example remember you are on the same team. If you are great you help to make your fellow co-worker better which means an overall great experience at your establishment versus the next one.

When your customer’s leave your establishment no matter if they are A.I. or A-town, they should be treated and given the utmost respect since they were served by you. At the end of their session when the bill comes around make sure you give them all of there change back and be confident that they’ll do the right thing and respond accordingly. A professional attitude goes along way in this industry and who knows it can set you up for one day becoming “” StarTender of the month.

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